Flourishing Beyond Fifty

Coaching Group

Flourishing Beyond Fifty

Coaching Group

Are You Ready to Bloom Anew?

Embrace Your Vibrant Second Spring with the Flourishing Beyond Fifty Group Coaching Programme!

 I’m dedicated to supporting fabulous women like you as you gracefully navigate life’s upcoming seasons. Together, we’ll cultivate joy and gratitude, empowering you to conquer the unique challenges and embrace the beauty of the changes that await to unfold.

Women navigating their second blooming encounter a myriad of changes may include


Hormonal fluctuations that profoundly impact physical and emotional wellbeing.

Empty Nest Syndrome:

Children growing and embracing their own paths, leaving behind feelings of emptiness.

Career Shifts:

Embarking on new career paths or transitioning into retirement.

Relationship Changes:

Divorce or loss of a life partner, requiring adaptation to new circumstances.


Balancing the responsibilities of caring for sick or elderly parents.

These changes bring significant challenges such as stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, confusion, relationship issues, and body image concerns.

Our holistic group coaching sessions, address these difficulties with compassion and insight, guiding women through transformative practices that nourish the mind, body, and spirit. Together, we cultivate resilience, foster self-compassion, and rediscover joy amidst life’s transitions.

Join us on your journey of growth, empowerment, and flourishing beyond fifty!

Here’s how we’ll support you on your journey of flourishing

Discovery Session:

Meaningful 60-minute Discovery Session

Weekly Sessions:

Flexible Weekly Sessions: Your Choice, Your Comfort

Ongoing Support:

We’re Here for You

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