Empower Her

Re-Invent Yourself Journey

Empower Her

Re-Invent Yourself Journey

Life unfolds in chapters, each one a turning point filled with possibilities – whether it’s navigating the complexities of divorce, the bittersweet emotions of retirement, or the quiet solitude of an empty nest. These transitions can bring both challenges and opportunities for growth.

In the face of significant changes, feelings of stress, emptiness, overwhelm, confusion, and uncertainty can cloud our path, leaving us searching for clarity and purpose amidst life’s twists and turns.

Yet, within these challenges lies an opportunity for growth and transformation.

The Re-Invent Yourself Journey empowers you to embark on a path of self-discovery, uncovering your true life purpose and setting new goals that ignite joy and fulfillment.

Through Our Collaborative Journey, You Will:

Re-Imagine Your Life:

Attain clarity regarding your current position and aspirations, fostering authentic living.

Breakthrough Barriers:

Prevail obstacles hindering your progress with personalised, actionable plans.

Uncover Your True Self:

Experience a nurturing environment for deep self-exploration and personal growth.

Define Your Purpose:

Cultivate a clear sense of priorities and purpose, independent of external validation.

Embrace Bold Action:

Attain the confidence to pursue bold actions aligned with your goals and holistic wellbeing.

Body Positivity:

Foster a compassionate relationship with your body, rooted in self-acceptance and care.

Deeper Connections:

Cultivate deeper, more meaningful relationships through genuine connection and understanding.

Navigate Challenges:

Mindfully manage the feelings of fear, anxiety, overwhelm, and a sense of being lost.

Live with Joy:

Embrace authentic excitement and fulfillment in life with gratitude and JOY

Together, let’s embark on this journey of reinvention, guiding you toward a life filled with purpose, resilience, and joy.

Here’s how we’ll make it happen:

Initial Discovery Session:

We kickstart with a meaningful 1-hour session, conducted either via Zoom for your convenience or in person, where we delve into your interests and establish a solid foundation for our journey ahead.

Personalized Reinvention Journey:

Based on our discussion, I will curate a bespoke 7-session journey tailored specifically to your needs and aspirations, encompassing a holistic approach to flourishing.

Flexible Weekly Sessions:

We’ll set up weekly sessions  (90 Mins) via Zoom or in-person meetings, whichever suits your comfort zone best, ensuring that you feel supported and empowered every step of the way.

Continuous Support:

Throughout our 7-week journey, you’ll have direct access to me via WhatsApp for ongoing support, guidance, and encouragement whenever you need it.

Ready to take the first step towards Re-Inventing yourself? Book your complimentary initial session now, and let’s embark on this empowering journey together.

Sasha Dandashi - Holistic Wellbeing Resources